SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM. There are many articles on the web that explain the reasons why a fork of SugarCRM became necessary.

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La solución Jaspersoft BI Suite - Community Edition

Jaspersoft proporciona inteligencia de negocio (BI) de autoservicio económica y escalable. Diseñada para entornos en la nube, móviles y Big Data, la suite de BI de código abierto de Jaspersoft soporta decenas de miles de organizaciones y aplicaciones críticas de negocio todos los días

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Software consulting

Software consulting

In Amebis have knowledge of the latest tools for any business and any process that wants to improve or control. Through consulting we offer our clients optimize internal and external solutions through real-time processes.

Aplication migration

Aplication migration

Thanks to the Open Source tools that we have today we can totally eliminate licensing costs and obtain better results in terms of performance and stability. In Amebis we charge to migrate its proprietary systems and licensing costs for Open Source Systems.

Data mining

Data mining

Given the current situation with regard to improved computer systems, the new benefits and especially the constant technological changes experienced by companies, it is necessary to perform a successful migration of all information and data from one system and / or application to another.

Custom software Development

Custom software Development

In Amebis we offer the possibility of implementing and develop custom apps for individualized type of enterprise. In these cases we work directly with customer requirements and use their knowledge in the business to reach a final solution.

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